Dodgers announce plans for Chavez Ravine renovation


Image: Dodgers unveil new All Star Game logo for 2020 All Star Game / Photo Credit: @Dodgers

          The Dodgers announced yesterday plans for a massive upgrade to the third oldest ballpark in baseball this offseason. The news comes as the Dodgers officially unveiled the 2020 All Star game logo to the world in preparation for next year’s All Star game that will take place on July 14th, 2020. The Dodgers will add a new center field plaza that will be spread across two acres of land, elevators and bridges to allow fans 360 degree access around the stadium, upgrade the bars near the left and right field pavilions to allow for better views of the bullpen and the field, build a connected walkway throughout the stadium, and add a brand new state of the art sound system to the stadium. The renovations are expected to cost around $100 million and is expected to be completed prior to the start of the 2020 season. 


Image: Proposed images for Dodger Stadium upgrade / Photo Credit: LA Times

          Dodgers chief executive and president Stan Kasten told the Los Angeles Times that the organization wanted to do the upgrade as a way to show off the stadium to the rest of the country during this years’ All Star festivities. Kasten went on to add that “It’s the most beautiful place ever built to watch or play a baseball game, now we just want to bring it into the 21st century”. This is the second renovation that Chavez Ravine will be getting this decade, as back in 2012, the Dodgers spent $300 million to renovate the stadium which saw the team add two new entrances, new restaurants and stores, plus upgrade all the stadium and team facilities including everything from bathrooms to bullpens. The Dodgers do plan on keeping some things about the stadium unchanged. For starters, the stadium will still maintain its 56,000 person capacity which is the highest of any ball park in the country, and they will keep the iconic palm trees lining the back of the bleachers. During that same interview with the times, Kasten told reporters “the bleachers, the palm trees, and the San Gabriel mountains along the skyline will never changes as long as we are in charge”. 


Image: Proposed new look for Dodger Stadium / Photo Credit: LA Times

          Dodger Stadium has been operating in Los Angeles since 1955 and is the 3rd oldest ballpark still in operation behind Wrigley Field in Chicago Illinois, and Fenway Park in Boston,  Massachusetts.While many other teams have chosen to build completely new stadiums over the past decade, the Dodgers have wanted to maintain that classic Dodger Stadium look while also being able to show off having a stadium as nice as people would expect there to be in Los Angeles. To go along with all the new additions to the stadium, the team has also announced plans to add an area to honor the “Legends of Dodgers baseball” to the back of the right field pavilion. Don Newcomb, Steve Garvey, and Fernando Velenzuela will be the first class of legends to be honored in right field, while Jackie Robinson’s statue will be moved into the pavilion along with the addition of a new statue of Sandy Koufax. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 3.19.11 PM.png

Image: Proposed new look for Right Field at Dodger Stadium / Photo Credit: LA Times

          As the Dodgers continue to enjoy one of their best seasons in franchise history, along with one of the best stretches of dominance over the past six years, it’s only fitting that one of the best teams in baseball has one of the best stadiums to play in. Hopefully the team will also have to build room for a new championship banner when they upgrade the stadium this offseason. 

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