Friday 5’s: Who has the best chance to win Super Bowl LIII

Football season has come to an end, and we know the teams that will have a chance to compete for the coveted Lombardi trophy on February 3rd, 2019 in Atlanta GA. Here are the top 5 teams I think will have the best chance to walk out of Mercedes Benz Stadium as Super Bowl Champions.

sb 7

  1. The Los Angeles Rams – (13-3 Record / #2 seed in NFC)

I was 50/50 weather or not I wanted to include the Rams on this list. Look, the Rams have been fantastic this season up until the last few weeks. Teams are starting to figure out how to contain Jared Goff and expose his weaknesses. Over the past 5 weeks Goff has thrown 5 touchdowns and 5 interceptions, where as in the first 12 weeks he has 26 touchdowns to 6 interceptions. Goff did show some promise in week 17, but that was against a non playoff contender in a game that didn’t mean anything. To go along with Goff’s inconsistent play, the Rams have also been without Todd Gurley, and while CJ Anderson has done a great job filling in the past few weeks, he is not Todd Gurley. If the Rams want any chance of contending they will need their MVP candidate on the field for every game. The Rams will take the next step by winning a playoff game, but I see them losing in the NFC title game.

sb 1

Image: Rams Defensive Tackle Aaron Donald celebrates a sack vs Arizona Cardinals


  1.  The Kansas City Chiefs – (12-4 Record / #1 seed in AFC)

The Chiefs were one of the best teams all year long, leading the league in almost every offensive category, and finishing with one of the the best records in the AFC (tied with the Chargers). Not to mention their 2nd year quarterback Patrick Mahomes broke out and had one of the best seasons by a quarterback of all time, (66% completion percentage, 5,097 passing yards, 50 touchdowns, 12 interceptions) and is one of the favorites to win the NFL MVP award. The Chiefs also have a number of superior offensive weapons in Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and Sammy Watkins. So why do I have them 4th on this list? Their defense was terrible this year. They ranked near the bottom of the league in opponent points per game, and at times, couldn’t stop anyone from reaching the end zone. Think about this, the Chiefs were the 1st team in NFL history to score 26 or more points in every game, and still finished 12-4. I see the Chiefs being upset in the divisional round in typical Chiefs fashion, losing at home to a lesser team after blowing a 1st half lead.

sb 2

Image: Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes attempts a pass downfield vs The Atlanta Falcons


  1.  The Los Angeles Chargers – (12-4 Record / #5 seed in AFC)

The Chargers are loaded with talent on both sides of the ball this year. Philip Rivers posted one of his best seasons ever, while the defense came into its own.The Chargers are finally all healthy too, as they will be getting back their star tight end Hunter Henry, who has missed the entire season so far recovering from a torn ACL. The Chargers have beaten serious playoff contenders and I believe they have a chance to make a serious run at the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for the Chargers, they will have to do it all on the road and that’s why I have them 3rd on this list. While the Chargers tied for the best record in the AFC, they play in the same division as the Chiefs, which means they had to settle for a Wild Card, and a #5 seed in the playoffs. In order to make the Super Bowl, they will need to win games at Baltimore, at Kansas City, and possibly at New England in order to get to Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII. It’s not impossible, but in my opinion, it is pretty improbable. Don’t be surprised if they pull it off though, because this team is really good.

sb 6

Image: Chargers Running Back Melvin Gordon breaks loose vs the Oakland Raiders


  1.  The New England Patriots – ( 11-5 Record / #2 seed in AFC)

Somehow, even when this team is not at its best, they find a way to get it done, which is why I have them so high on the list. The Patriots have proven year in and year out that when it comes to the playoffs, they are the best team in all of football when it matters most. Since 2001, the Patriots are 27-10 in the playoffs including 12 conference championship appearances, 8 Super Bowl appearances, and 5 Super Bowl championships. This year does feel a little different though. Tom Brady had a good season, but was not his usual self, and Rob Gronkowski has seriously regressed in production. Not to mention the team’s leading receiver Josh Gordon left the team in week 16 for personal reasons. The defense is good but nothing special, and they really don’t have too many playmakers on that side of the ball. What they do have though is experience and a possibility to play only home playoff games, depending on how Kansas City does, and New England was the only team to go undefeated at home this year. I think the Patriots will be back in the Super Bowl for the 3rd time in a row. Until someone can go to New England and win in January, it’s hard not to bet on this team.

sb 4

Image: Tom Brady and Bill Belichick together on sideline prior to the game


  1.  The New Orleans Saints – (13-3 Record / #1 seed in NFC)

The Saints had a magical season similar to the one in 2009 where Drew Brees captured his 1st Championship for the city of New Orleans. 10 years later, things are looking very similar to that 2009 season. The Saints have the #1 seed, they have an excellent defense, and their offense has a variety of weapons to allow Drew Brees to work his magic, and boy did he this year. Brees finished with the highest regular season completion percentage of all time, completing 74.4% of his passes while throwing 3992 yards, 32 touchdowns, and only 5 interceptions. The Saints also have a duo of Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara who are both #1 running backs on any other team. The Saints were 6-2 at home this year, (6-1 under Brees and 0-1 with Teddy Bridgewater), and will only have to play home games throughout the playoffs. I see the Saints beating the Rams in the NFC championship to reach the Super Bowl. The reason I have the Saints at the top of my list above the Patriots, is that Super Bowl LIII will be played in a domed stadium, very similar to the one the Saints play in. This, and the fact that I think the Saints are currently the best overall team in football is why I think the New Orleans Saints have the best chance to win Super Bowl LIII.  

sb 5

Image: Drew Brees celebrates on the field after throwing a touchdown pass


Teams with a Chance to surprise people: The Chicago Bears, The Baltimore Ravens, The Seattle Seahawks, The Houston Texans

Teams with no Chance: The Indianapolis Colts, The Dallas Cowboys, The Philadelphia Eagles

Do you agree with my picks? Who do you think will win Super Bowl LIII? Leave a comment and let me know which team you think will win the Super Bowl. As always, thanks for reading!

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