NFL moves Monday Night Football out of Mexico to Los Angeles

          Breaking News from the NFL today as the league has decided to move next Monday’s Rams vs Chiefs game out of Estadio Azteca in Mexico City to the Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA. The decision comes after the NFL decided that Estadio Azteca could not meet the NFL’s expectations on what they wanted the field to look like in preparation for one of the most highly anticipated match ups of the NFL season.

mex 6

          Leading up to this week, the NFL had seen no problems with the field, and had expected to play the as as they had planned. It was not until Sunday when the league announced they were concerned with how the field looked. The field has been hit with a difficult rainy season along with hosting a number of different events including concerts and other sporting events that have contributed to the destruction of the field. Since Sunday, photos have been released showing the stadium was nowhere near ready for an NFL game, let alone a game with such heavy implications. After assessing all the damage to the field, both the NFL and NFLPA decided it would be in everyone’s best interest to play the game in Los Angeles.

estadio azteca

Photo Credit: @Migue_luk

          The game is set to feature two of the NFL’s best teams. Both the Rams and Chiefs are 9-1, both have MVP candidates, Todd Gurley for the Rams and Patrick Mahomes for the Chiefs, but the similarities don’t end there. Both teams have young quarterbacks, both have been lead by their offense all year long, and both are favored to represent their respective league in this years Super Bowl. If the game had gone on as planned, the NFL was also at risk of having players sit out the game due to the poor field conditions. The NFL is expecting this to be the biggest game of the year in terms of ratings due to the fact that both teams have so much talent and star power on their respected rosters. It would be a terrible thing for both teams if a player were to get hurt and have to miss time because the field was not up to par, and it would not have been a good look for the NFL.

mex 1

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          Now comes the issue of refunding fans who have made arrangements for the game and will now not be able to use the tickets they have bought. I think Estadio Azteca should refund their fans, because at the end of the day this is their fault. They did not have the field ready for the NFL, even though they have known for months that they would be hosting a game in November. While they can’t do anything about the rain, they choose to hold other events in the area that contributed to the poor conditions, and they were not able to provide a playable field for the game.

          With the game now in LA, both teams can focus on football and not have to worry about what the field will be like and if players will sit out the game. The Coliseum hosted the Rams this past Sunday during the fires and the game went off without any problems due to air quality. As firefighters continue to contain the flames, the conditions will only improve for the match up. Look for this game to be very high scoring, and come down to the end. My prediction, Rams hold on to win in a shootout 48-42.

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