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This is a Sports talk website built to inform people of whats happening in the Sports world, specifically with Baseball, Basketball, and Football, with other sports sprinkled in when necessary. Weather your a fanatic of the game, or just learning how the sports world works, this page will cater to all who want to read and learn about the inter workings of the sports world.



  1. Wolf, would love to know your thoughts on the Padres, and what they will need to do to become a contender. I want to be informed when I talk to people in San Diego about our team.

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    1. Its interesting because the Padres have just fallen on 1. Bad luck and 2. They play in an extremely tough division. For some reason, the Padres have not been able to attract big name free agents and when they do, they dont play to their potential. I.E Matt Kemp, James Shields, and Eric Hosmer.
      The Padres do have something going for them however, and that is Cap space, so if they want to try again to improve their team, they can go out onto the free agent market this year and try to sign another big name free agent, however after what happened with Hosmer this past year, they may be hesitant on the free agent market. I think the Padres need to take the same path as the Phillies and Braves are on now, and that is to build through signing quality veteran players and developing their farm system. They may not be great in 2019, but they have a chance to build a team for the future over the next couple seasons or sooner depending on free agency.


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